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Capuchin Café brings a crowd

VIDEO added below

       The friars had a great response to their invitation to the first ever "Capuchin Café" on Saturday evening, November 22, at Capuchin College in DC. Estimates are that 130-150 guests arrived for the event which challenged the many talents of our brothers and the great assistance of our Cap Corps Volunteers to get things off the ground: the planning, the building of the stage, the remodeling of the basement gathering room, the music practices, the work in the kitchen and the promotion of the event took the energy of the whole fraternity.

Cafe01       The chapel was filled with young and not-so-young people, many of whom had to stand because all seats were filled for the first hour, devoted to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Guardian Paul Dressler, OFM Cap., offered the homily for the paraliturgy and four priest friars were able to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the nearby parlors. After the hour of prayer, the group proceeded down to the remodeled Recreation Room for coffee and cookies and music provided by a group of local Dominican friars called the 'Hillbilly Thomists' with a less-than-medieval songset.

       Congratulations go out to all of our brothers at Cap College and to Cap Corps for your energy and sacrifice. A special shoutout to Ross Henley, OFM Cap., who headed up the organization of the event!


Thanks to Br. Matt for the video & great photos.


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