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Fr. Bryan's 'Driving Force'

BryanShortallFr. Bryan Shortall, OFM Cap. (left), is a Capuchin confrere in the Province of Ireland. Our brother Bryan offers some inspiring reflections about his own vocation to our Capuchin brotherhood and of his priestly service to the people of Dublin.  It's worth a look:

"How does our society make sense of the vocation to religious life today? What makes one thousand women and men religious, including myself, gather with the Archbishop of Dublin at a ceremony to begin the Year of Consecrated Life? What language is there to explain why I still want to be a religious? I believe it is in me, and I can’t walk away. At the beginning and over the years, there weren’t any guns put to my head and I wasn’t forced to join. And I’m not being forced to stay. As the friars used to say to us, the friary is not a prison. The only reason why I’m still here is that I can’t go. I’m trying to find English language to explain it and I struggle, It’s like I had no choice and I still have no choice."

You can read his entire article on his blog page: 'Tired of all the Bad News'


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