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Our Friars in Formation

      Our friars in formation continue their discernemnt at our St. Francis Friary in Washington, DC -- also known as "Capuchin College," a name which has 'stuck' through the generations, even though the friars study at Catholic University or other schools in the metro area.

     Their stories are accounts of God's action in their lives - an action which will appear much like the human stories they are. God was at work, drawing them from various various walks of life and with various talents and interests, to become part of our Capuchin brotherhood.

     Some are in studies for the priesthood, others are in training to pursue other specializations as brothers, but all of them join together in our mission to build a world where all of us our God's sons and daughters - and all of us are called in Christ Jesus to be a true 'brother' and 'sister.'

     Find out who they are and how the Lord may be calling you, too.


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